You must be wondering what Seenie has been doing these days.  Well, I’ve been building our Google Classrooms and library where our Moderators and Interns will be able to learn the skills and tricks of the Moderator Trade. Right now, I’m about to stock our library with reading material and things like Slide Guides.

It will all be set up for independent learning, at your convenience. Of course, there are no grades and certainly no report cards.  But there are things like questions and quizzes that can be submitted if you want to check your knowledge. When you do those, there will be a record of your progress, but whether you do those is up to you.  Most things posted in the classroom have an option for questions and discussion, so if there’s something that you want clarified, there’s a place right there where we can discuss it without switching to email or another web address. TJ and I will be the so-called “teachers” and we can be reached in the classroom whenever you need us, 24/7.

There’s a steep learning curve for me, this high-tech paperless classroom, but it’s really exciting and I’m enjoying it! If you would like to have a preview peek inside (and maybe do some testing and troubleshooting for me) I’d love to have you join us. Let me know via your email and I’ll send you an invitation to the classroom.  Eventually, all of our mods will be enrolled.

As high-tech as our electronic Ben’s Friends Classroom is, we decided to keep the exterior very traditional looking.  (I think it’s really pretty, and notice the picnic tables for socializing!)  We hope that you’ll like what we’ve done and that it serves all of you well.

Ben’s Friends Virtual Classroom 🙂