Chiari Malformation is a rare condition in which herniation (4mm or more) of the Cerebral Tonsils stretches into the opening in the skull. It has four different classifications, with types I and II being the most common. Type III is considered more severe than the first two while type IV is the rarest and most severe of the four. 

The symptoms experienced by patients can vary greatly although some of the most common are throbbing headaches, neck and shoulder pain, blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, and coordination or balance problems. It is also possible for some patients not to experience any symptoms. Others may experience periods with severe symptoms and periods without.

Suffering from a rare disease and chronic symptoms can be extremely challenging. It is very important to find people who can understand what you’re going through. 

We at Ben’s Friends are glad to be of help to patients, families and caregivers through the years.

Among the information members find useful are the different tips other patients and caregivers post on the site. 

These tips can be about: 

  • the things they need to prepare for the surgery, 
  • things they need to observe and avoid during recovery, 
  • tips for caregivers about a patient undergoing surgery,
  • tips on how to educate kids about the parent’s surgery

Members also receive advice on topics like:

  • symptoms management
  • employment concerns
  • parents with children suffering from Chiari

Patients and caregivers also benefit from the good news posted by fellow members under the category called Success Stories and Positive Pick-me-ups.

All these things would not be possible without the people who provide support such as the moderators, Modsupport members, donors, and of course our members who contribute their stories and offer encouragement to others. 

Thank you for being with us all these years!!

If you or someone you know has Chiari Malformation, join our Chiari Support Community and get in touch with other people who can truly understand.