We’re excited to announce that Ben’s Friends has partnered with ClozTalk, a social impact company that helps charities raise people’s awareness of their mission.

ClozTalk now designs apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets with the logo of Ben’s Friends. As more people get to know our organization through the sale of these items, we can reach more potential members and supporters of our cause. 

Not only is ClozTalk doing this at no charge to Ben’s Friends, they will also donate a percentage of the profit to support our projects.

The idea for ClozTalk came about after random strangers asked supporters of Imerman Angels (IA), an international cancer support organization, about the name on their t-shirts. This led to conversations about the mission of IA which eventually encouraged more advocates.

The team behind ClozTalk, led by its co-founders Jonny Imerman, John May, and Jeff Imerman, thought of extending the same opportunity to other cause-oriented organizations.  

Ben’s Friends apparel items are now available in their online shop. ClozTalk delivers to all 50 states through United Parcel Service. More information about the shipping policy is found here.