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Thanks for the warm welcome…. I will be sharing more when I get some free time!
Thanks, glad i found the website- finding it very difficult at the moment with my daughter
Thanks! I’m having a rough day and I was glad to find this website!

Living With Narcolepsy - Online Support Group

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"Thanks! looking forward to learning from others.”

Living With Narcolepsy - Online Support Group

Bite your Tounge

Everyday, I read my horoscope just for fun. The message is usually so vague and generic that I just shrug it off and laugh at my compulsion to read such nonsense. It’s like buying a subscription to “People” magazine — who cares what the celebrities are up to, right? Today I got a message to “Bite My Tongue.” In other words, I shouldn’t tell people what I’m really thinking or feeling. Just let it go. It’s funny because I “feel” like telling off a lot people today. But, the universe and the stars advise otherwise. So, I guess I will just “bite my tongue” today. There really is nothing to be gained by sending negative messages out into the universe — OR — to unsuspecting friends and family, right? I will try to be positive today.


Living with Narcolepsy - Online Support Group 

Thank you! I’ve never met anyone with the same condition as myself. I would love to be able to have someone to relate to….someone who knows exactly what I feel everyday.
Thank you for the warm welcome - and bless you for your work! I’ve never met another with my condition and it is so validating to stumble upon a network like this !

Sleep Paralysis with a Twist

Yesterday, it was cloudy and threatening to rain so I did what any narcoleptic would do — I fell asleep. Yep. Nothing could keep me from my appointed rounds - just like Santa Claus. The sleep paralysis always occurs when I am trying to wake up. I was still dreaming my hypnagogic hallucination that several people were standing over me telling me to get up and go to work. They were all corporate types. I tried to speak, tried to tell them that I couldn’t move. “Look at me - I’m not able to move.” They disappeared from my sight but I could feel that they were disgusted with me. Then, I felt a large dog licking my face. (It was probably my own drool ;) She was pushing me with her paws trying to wake me and licking my face. I was thinking, “When did I get a dog?” Eventually, I was able to break through to wakefulness but I still couldn’t move. My cat was laying on the blanket on my backside sound asleep. When I told my sister what happened, she suggested I give the dog a name. “How about Hydragnea?” Uh. Okay. Maybe the next time she comes to lick my face I will be able to smell the sweet scent of hydragneas while my face gets sloppily wet with doggy kisses. Weird, right?


Thanks for the welcome, I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog!
Thank you for the warm welcome. I am very glad you understand the need and have provide a safe way for people with rare or unique conditions to come together.
That was a very caring, thoughtful thing you did. Thank you!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I got through the day with a lot of support from my family. I made it through the morning without a nap which was miraculous! Once I got the turkey out of the oven though, it was all over :)
I laid down on the couch for a quick refresher nap and woke up an hour and a half later. No one seemed to mind. Everything was really already cooked, it just had to be reheated in the microwave.
My son was able to get the day off work and surprised us by coming over early in the afternoon. I had my whole family, plus my goddaughter Kristen who drove in from N.C., my sister in law, my niece, and my youngest godchild, Ansley for a wonderful dinner, laughter and fun. I am so thankful for my wonderful family. Our neighbors stopped over later for dessert just when I was starting to crash again. But, everyone took turns entertaining and feeding them — haha. I fell asleep on the living room floor for a while during all the activities. I guess everyone has accepted my illness. It’s still weird having to stop what you are doing to go lay down.
I was talking in my sleep to my son and he kept asking me questions - we had quite the conversation! I was trying to tell him to take the turnips out of the oven. I kept saying — it starts with a T. He said — Oh, you mean the tuscaninni? And I said yes. Later on, he had a great time telling that story over at the dinner table. If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point?
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Twilight Zone? Did my life enter the T zone?

This a compelling post from Ranger who suffers from Narcolepsy. Amidst the hardships the disease has brought to her, she managed to adjust and live with it. 

Living with Narcolepsy - Online Support Group